Buying contemporary art can be intimidating, and now more than ever both novice and experienced collectors need the guidance of someone who can cut through the overwhelming online and brick-and-mortar inventory to find high-level artwork worth investing in. Beautiful, intelligent, intriguing artwork is out there, but it is not always on the mainstream radar, nor is it always accessible to the general public. I will help you discover the type of artist whose work genuinely resonates with you and whose career you will look forward to following for years to come.

My aim as a consultant is to learn as much as I can about your specific goals as a collector and then match you to the most appropriate artists and artwork for your aesthetic, decorative, and/or investment needs. Part of that process involves education, and my consultations include a discussion of the artists’ backgrounds and training, styles, current value and pricing strategies, mindset and motivation related to their art, what differentiates them from other contemporary artists, and why I think they are worth investing in. I hope to facilitate new long-term relationships between collectors and artists through this process, encourage the commission of new work, and work as an intermediary to manage the collectors’ and artists’ visions and expectations. 


Art Independent works with a range of public collectors and spaces to bring beauty, elegance, and harmony into such environments as corporate businesses and conference centers; schools and academies; creative work environments such as artist, architect, photographer, and performing-arts studios and centers; hotels and restaurants; and more. Whether your goal is to share your artistic connoisseurship with your clients through an expertly curated collection or to simply add beauty and creativity to your space with specific subjects, designs, or colors, I will help you find or commission the most appropriate artwork for your needs.


Art Independent collaborates with interior designers and decorators on commercial, residential, and hospitality design projects. I will help you find or commission one-of-a-kind artwork to create the centerpiece for or add the finishing touches to your interior-design visions. Interior designers and decorators have an inherent eye and instinct for architectural and compositional artistry and balance, and Art Independent will complement that vision by helping you find the exact subject, style, scale, and palette you need to turn your creative blueprint into a reality.



Many contemporary gallerists and dealers have their hands full wearing many hats and working hard to effectively represent and promote their artists in a rapidly morphing art-sales landscape. Often a gallery will need an outside vision or voice to help expand their reach to a broader audience or bring in a fresh perspective for specific projects. My services in this area include working with directors to suggest new artists and styles to complement their current vision or to introduce a new direction; conceiving exhibitions or events focused on a specific curatorial, cultural, or business need; and working with dealers to introduce their secondary-market investors to the potential of the primary market.


Art Independent works with regional, national, and international art organizations, clubs, and institutions on a variety of artistic and business needs. These include editorial, curatorial, event-planning, and fund-raising projects related to both historical and contemporary art, as well as writing services associated with web content, promotional summaries of exhibitions or events, catalogue or book intros, and general press releases.


Current consulting offerings for artists include advisory services in creative and career decisions, public relations, and recommendations for innovative ways to promote and sell your art. Writing services include artist biographies, catalogue essays, book forewords, and press releases. (For an example of a press release by AI, click here.)

For further details and rates on these and other customized consulting services, contact AI through the Contact page.