American Artist's Weekend With the Masters Workshop & Conference was held at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center in 2009 and in California the following years: Laguna Beach (2010), Monterey and New York City (2011); and San Diego (2012). Featuring workshops, demonstrations, lectures, and panel discussions, the four-day annual conference gave professional artists the opportunity to learn from a number of top draftsmen and painters working in a variety of traditional subject matter and media.


                Jeremy Lipking (WWM '09)                          Daniel Gerhartz' painting of Lisa Rainey Morrison  (WWM '09)         David Leffel and Jereremy Lipking (WWM '09)


The event was designed to give attendees access to a range of practices and philosophies then co-existing in the representational art world -- from atelier and academic approaches to more alla prima, impressionistic, and expressionistic styles -- as either a supplement to their existing education or as a sampling before committing to full-time training. The programming centered on the tradition of the tenets these instructors espoused, as taught to them by their teachers and mentors, many of whom traced their lineage back through art history. The event also encouraged the appreciation of finished work and the promotion of the next generation of artists, and there was a high-end group exhibition held at the prestigious Broadmoor Hotel during the inaugural year and benefit auctions the following years (coordinated by The California Art Club) to raise funds and awareness for these efforts.

Panelists at WWM '10. From left to right: Carolyn Anderson, Daniel Gerhartz, Rose Frantzen, Scott Burdick, Richard Schmid, Quang Ho, Sherrie McGraw, and Jeremy Lipking


Scott Christensen's palette Susan Lyon at WWM '10 Scott Burdick, Michelle Dunaway,
and Daniel Gerhartz at WWM '10


Odd Nerdrum was the Keynote Speaker of WWM NYC '11, held at The Institute of Classical Architecture & Art.

Approximately 30 instructors and several special-guest art historians, critics, scholars, and film makers were invited to teach or present each year, and the conference drew hundreds of practicing artists, collectors, and enthusiasts from around the world. Weekend With the Masters was hailed a ground-breaking event, as it was the first time a representational art conference brought educational workshop elements together with the conference component of panel discussions and group dialogue. It was a place where interaction and camaraderie flourished among participants and instructors alike, creating a community that promoted the building of skills, sharing of ideas, clarification of philosophies, and forging of new personal and professional relationships.


        Alyssa Monks (WWM NYC '11)              Jean-Pierre Roy (WWM NYC '11)               Lea Colie Wight (WWM NYC '11)         A student's painting (WWM NYC '11)


Photo credits: M. Stephen Doherty (front of CS building and Christensen’s palette); Joe Bonomo (all WWM 2009 photos, except for CS building)Steve Smith (all WWM 2010 photos); Ben Berlin (all WWM 2011 photos)